Wherein we talk about goals AND our next big drawing challenge!
Draw or Die's first October Drawing Event has some cool prizes! All you have to do is DRAW EVERY DAY in October with these 31 prompts to be in the…
Wherein we discuss how to apply self awareness and reject bad friends.
Holiday time can be hard for so many out there, especially artists. Our imaginations can get the best of us.
This most important thing an artist can do. ✏️💀
Wherein we release the official 28 drawing prompts of February!
Wherein I get a little vulnerable and discuss the sudden return of my panic attacks and how I'm using art to keep me centered...
Wherein we talk about becoming un-influenced in an influence filled world.
Just with the power of...
Wherein I share my insane schedule, and how you might do just 25% of it to get more done without burning out.
Even on the toughest days, it's important you show up for yourself... and others.
In which we discuss Creative Discipline, why you need it, and how to get some...