Learned a lot from this blog today man. Motivated me to keep doing what im doing. Most appreciated.

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Reading this brought back memories of jobs in the past where people were amazed I could draw, but then I wound up having to do a few pieces for these co-workers you know? Omgaaahh!you’re so talented, can you draw my kids, my pet, my fave animal etc. Rarely was I ever asked to do something FOR the company. 🙄

I’m two days into my new gig as a tutor for a private company that helps k-12 kids with their reading/writing, and math skills, and also does some SAT prep. I know someone there will find out my secret, lol.

You mentioned something about artists on here who are looking to get paid for actual work back on Feb with that questionnaire/survey. How’s that coming along? Love Blind Melon, that debut album is outstanding.

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