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Oh wow, did not know there was a David statue in Louisville. Adding the city and statue on my bucket list of places to visit.

I’ve stayed at jobs for long periods and quit when I found another job, but one of my last ones I was let go a day before my 8th anniversary. The last two years it was just getting to be hard to be there, toxic y’know, and I was already back in college taking classes to finally get my Bachelor’s degree. Wanted to quit after graduating, but I was laid off a year before, and the one thing that stuck with me was what the VP said to me as I was signing the paperwork: she said “may god have mercy on your soul” who says that? Lol. I looked at her and tried not to laugh, now when I hear that phrase I can’t help but laugh.

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I love reading all these stories and thoughts on creativity. Last week and this week I have been going back into the archives to read all of the posts again and seeing the growth of this community. From starting the email to starting the daily prompts in July and then adding the little before coffee thoughts and ramblings. And 2 drawing challenge months.

One future idea might be your thoughts on substack vs patreon and the features and setup. as I am looking back on this platform and going through the archives.

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