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Jan 1, 2023Liked by D.J. Coffman

First things first, happy new year to everyone on here, and to you and Ally! Some good stuff you’ve brought up in this newsletter and podcast. Seems like a lot with the resolutions where you set a long list of things to do and it’s just too much. Maybe working on smaller goals to achieve that are doable, then tackle something a little harder, and so on.

As for me, my goals are twofold, long term. One is to finally finish this story I’ve been working on for a while now. Doing it all is a monumental task lol, Make more sales from my drawings. Two years ago I made two sales, and last year (2022) I made one sale. More sales on a regular basis is what I’d like, figuring out how is the hard part. Plenty of likes, and all but making the sale is where it just goes. Goes back to that thought of is my stuff good enough, or even would you buy this, and if so how much? Anyone on here have tips, ideas or what works for them. I’m using Ko-fi, and it’s free to use, I control what I sell and post, and mention it on my finished pieces most times on Instagram.

28! Sounds like a lot of fun, digging the concept. Here’s a few for you that I thought of while watching Thursday’s pod this morning: 1: he was suddenly surrounded by angry dwarves. 2: he/she peered down the well, and saw to his/her surprise…the surprise is up to the artist. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway, that’s it for me for now. Back to work!

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