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Jul 31, 2022Liked by D.J. Coffman

Good topic this week, DJ. I’ve sold some of my art over the years, just too sporadic. For the life of me, I haven’t been able to hit that sweet spot of getting steady income from making art and not have to depend on a regular job to pay bills etc. I have support from friends and family, and whenever I post about an event/show they repost and share. I get interest in these shows but maybe I sell one thing, or nothing at all. Also have a tip/donation site for creatives that I made over at ko-fi.com/NuWaver74 that generates 5 bucks a month regularly and in that time I sold four prints. Am I bummed I’m not making steady income, yeah. But at the same time I’m thinking we’ll I’m making art and that’s all that matters. If I sell one piece out of 100 that I make, it’s a plus. But I can’t help but feel discouraged sometimes, man it’s tough. Just gotta keep on truckin’ and see if I finally get to where that extra 100 bucks or so regularly from my art helps with bills, you know? Who knows maybe I’ll have double that, or even enough to make a living from it.

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